Principles of Law: Use of Force

From the American Law Institute Principles of Law, Policing


Policing Project Director Barry Friedman is the Reporter for the American Law Institute’s Principles of the Law, Policing. On May 24, 2017, this text was approved by ALI’s membership, subject to the discussion at its Annual Meeting and the usual editorial prerogative.

Accordingly, this is the official position of ALI and may be cited as such until the Official Text is published. When preparing the Official Text, the Reporters are authorized to correct and update citations and other references, to make editorial and stylistic improvements, and to implement any remaining substantive changes agreed to during discussion with the membership or by motions approved at the Annual Meetings. Future Tentative Drafts will be presented to membership at future Annual Meetings. The text that appears here may change before the Official Text is published (after all sections of the project are approved).

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