Our CBA Projects

Discussing how CBA could apply to policing only goes so far.  Soon after we began our CBA and data work, in partnership with the Police Foundation, we began working with teams of scholars and police departments to translate academic research into actual practice, by conducting CBA on specific policing practices and policies. Our goal is to produce innovative and useful results that can be incorporated immediately into police departments’ decision-making processes across the country.

At present, we are engaged in the following CBA projects:

Nashville, TN

Our initial work in Nashville will focus on working with the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department to assess the efficacy of proactive traffic stops.

Houston, TX

We are working with the Crime Analytics Labs of the Houston Police Department 


Roanoake, VA

We are evaluating vehicle pursuit policies with the Roanoke City and Roanoke County Police Departments


St. Louis, MO

We are evaluating ShotSpotter technology with the St. Louis County Police Department


Asheville, NC

We are evaluating de-escalation training with the Asheville Police Department


In addition, we are in conversation with The Lab @ DC about piggybacking on their existing work on body cameras to acquire useful data to round out a CBA.