Dear Friends,

It's been a landmark year at the Policing Project. With our work in Chicago, Nashville, Los Angeles, and other places across the country, we've seen tremendous growth in both our workload and our impact. As we prepare to enter our next phase, we are thinking about where and how we can have the most positive impact in the world of policing and public safety. And we need your support.

First, allow us to share some of the highlights of our year. In 2018, our organization:

  • Partnered with the Chicago Police Department and Chicago residents to pilot a Neighborhood Policing and Community Engagement Initiative.

  • Worked with the city of Nashville and the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department to complete a thorough assessment of the efficacy of using traffic stops to address crime and violence—the first study of its kind in the nation.

  • Ran a city-wide community engagement effort for the Los Angeles Police Commission that directly lead to a new policy on when to release police body-worn camera footage following critical incidents—a policy that has now become law in all of California.

  • Launched a new field research project to study cities across the country and explore different approaches to police-community engagement.

But next year, we want to do more. Your gift will support us as we expand our work in these key areas:

  • Ensuring public access to information about policing

  • Documenting the full extent of the costs & benefits of policing practices

  • Advancing best practices by police in emerging technologies & tactics

  • Promoting responsiveness to community voice

Our vision is to become a national resource for helping police and their communities achieve just and effective policing through democratic accountability. Your generous donation helps us expand our reach and impact.

You may donate by writing to us at or through NYU Law’s website. Please be sure to enter the amount of your contribution in the “Other Designations” box, and to designate the Policing Project, as the receipt.

From all of us at the Policing Project, we thank you for your continued support.


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Barry Friedman, Director