Definition of Terms

Please note, these definitions are provided by the Policing Project, not CCPD, and are meant to help understand the official CCPD policies and the accompanying summaries.


Taser - 

Baton - 

Deadly Force An officer’s actions are considered “deadly force” if the officer intends to cause death or serious injury, or if the officer knows that the actions will create a high risk of death or serious injury. For example, it is considered a use of "deadly force" when an officers fires a gun in the direction of another person.

Pepper Spray

Search WarrantA judge's written order that authorizes a law-enforcement officer to conduct a search of a specified person, place (such as a person’s house, building, premises, or separately secured portion thereof), or thing (such as a cellular phone or computer) in order to seize evidence of a crime.

Arrest Warrant