NYPD Racial Disparities in Policing summit


A critical component of re-imagining public safety is to reconceive of public safety as a goal that is solely for the police, and instead to think broadly about how city agencies can work together to promote public safety in creative and equitable ways.

In November 2018, the Policing Project partnered with the NYPD Office of Equity and Inclusion and Open Society Foundations for a two-day conference discussing racial disparities in policing and other city services in New York City. One of the first conversations of its kind, the convening brought together commissioners and high-ranking staff from all major city agencies, as well as leading nonprofits in criminal justice reform. As reported by Politico, the conference is believed to be the city’s first in-person dialogue on the issue of racial disparity across city government and advocacy groups.

“The ultimate goal of the summit was to facilitate positive change in the relationship between communities of color and the police through the development of ethical policing practices,” said Devora Kaye, spokesperson for the police department. “This summit represented the deepening of work happening across the City and a launch pad for extensive work to come.”

At the Policing Project, we view this conference as a critical early step in finding ways to reduce the racial disparities in policing and re-imagine public safety in our city. We will continue to partner with the NYPD Office of Equity and Inclusion and Deputy Commissioner Tracie Keesee to produce materials to aid city leaders as they continue this conversation.