The Policing Project is working with the the Tampa Police Department (TPD) to build on its existing community outreach efforts, and strengthen its relationship with the communities it serves.  We have developed a comprehensive set of projects to promote police-community engagement-- both with youth in schools and the community at large-- and to evaluate the effectiveness of the TPD's existing programs.

Tampa Citizens Review Board

The Policing Project is helping Tampa's new Citizens Review Board (CRB) solicit public input into policing policy and develop engagement between TPD and the public.  

We helped the CRB define its forward-looking mission, establish a sub-committee devoted to this approach, and develop a community-wide survey that launched in September 2017.  The survey gauged public opinion of TPD, and gathered perspectives on policy areas the CRB should review.  Click here to visit the survey page.

Subsequently, the Policing Project prepared a report for the CRB summarizing the results of the survey, and assisted the CRB in reporting its findings to TPD and the community.  We will now help the CRB take initial steps in engaging with the community and TPD on any issues of public concern regarding policing.

Youth-Police Engagement

We partnered with the TPD to apply for a grant from the U.S. Department of Justice's Community Oriented Policing Services (DOJ COPS), to pilot a cutting edge youth-police program at Chamberlain High School.  

The goal of the program is to empower youth around policing issues-- to let them experience having their voices heard, and get them to see that if they speak up, change can follow.  The program brings patrol officers and high school youth together to get to know each other, work collaboratively to identify policing challenges, and together propose a viable solution to one of those policing challenges.