The Tampa CRB survey has  cloSED.

The  results will be posted on March 28th.

Tampa Citizens Review Board 2017 Survey

The Tampa Citizens Review Board (CRB), in collaboration with the Policing Project at New York University, is distributing this anonymous survey to gather opinions about the Tampa Police Department (TPD) and policing in the Tampa community.

What is the CRB?

The CRB was founded in 2015. The CRB consists of a volunteer panel of eleven citizens who conduct independent reviews of completed disciplinary cases and evaluate issues of importance or interest to the community and the TPD. The purpose of the CRB is to foster transparency, enhance communication, and ensure a relationship of trust and respect between the TPD and the community. This survey is a part of that effort.

To learn more about the CRB, and find out when the next CRB meeting will be held, please visit our website.

Share Your Input

This survey will be open until 11:59 p.m on March 16, 2018. Your answers will help the Tampa CRB serve as the voice of the Tampa community.