Can't make it to our event this Friday? Join via livestream.

Everyone wants to be safe. The question is how best to keep the public safe, while minimizing the harms that policing itself can impose.

The Policing Project at New York University School of Law invites you to join us and our partners on Friday, September 21, from 9 a.m.-12:45 p.m., for a powerful discussion of how communities experience being policed and the potentially transformative power cost-benefit analysis could have on policing.


"The Benefits - And Costs - Of Policing" will bring together a diverse group of stakeholders to explore some of the biggest concerns heard around policing in recent years — from traffic and pedestrian stops, to predictive policing and facial recognition, to drones and use of force, and much more.

The only thing missing from this conversation is you. This event is sold out at Lipton Hall on the NYU Campus, but don’t worry — it will be available to everyone via livestream. Visit our website on Friday, September 21, to access the feed.