Show, Don’t Tell: Our Youth-Police Engagement Program at the Camden County Police Academy

Last week, after several months discussing policing issues in the classroom, students and officers in our youth-police engagement program visited the Camden County Police Academy so students could get a taste of life on patrol. (For a full report on the day’s activities, check out Melanie Burney’s piece in the Philadelphia Inquirer.) This exciting opportunity was made possible because of the generous support of the Campbell Soup Foundation, the Harris Foundation, and the Open Society Foundations.

2017-2018 Policing Project Camden Youth Program Launched

The 2017-18 session of the Policing Project’s Youth-Police Engagement Program is officially up and running at Woodrow Wilson High School in East Camden, New Jersey! By bringing youth and police officers together in a classroom setting, our program seeks to give youth an active and ongoing voice in how their community is policed, to strengthen youth-police relationships, and to develop a national model for this sort of engagement.

Policing Project Launches Youth Engagement Pilot Programs

The Policing Project is conducting pilot projects in Tampa, Florida and Camden, New Jersey to foster police-youth relations. Based on the report of the Presidential Task Force on 21st Century Policing, the programs focus on bringing youth and police together to work collaboratively to solve an issue [...]