A Framework for Community Policing in Cleveland


The Policing Project has been retained by the Cleveland Police Monitoring Team to assist with implementing the federally mandated reforms of the Cleveland Division of Police. In the first half of 2017, the Monitoring Team and city stakeholders embarked on a collaborative process to solicit public feedback on what community policing should look like in Cleveland. The Policing Project developed this framework, based on national best practices, to help orient community residents on the theory and practice of community policing, including such considerations as collaborative problem-solving, staffing, and recruitment.


1). Discussion of the core components of community policing, including collaborative problem-solving, community partnerships, and broad-based engagement.

2). Identification of areas of division management and organization that the CDP will need to address in order to implement the plan effectively, including staffing and deployment, equipment and resources, recruitment and hiring, officer training, and officer and supervisor evaluation.

3). Recommendations for questions on which it would be beneficial to seek community input.

Project Partners

Cleveland Police Monitoring Team

Cleveland Police Monitoring Team


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