Winter 2017 CBA Conference


In February 2017, the Policing Project brought together a group of leading experts on CBA and quantitative analysis to New York to further explore the issue of applying CBA to policing. The discussion was framed by a set of topics that law enforcement had identified, including use of new technologies; the creation of special teams to focused on mental-health crisis response; arrests for low-level offenses; and various investigative tactics, such as stop-and-frisk.

In preparation for event, the Policing Project wrote a background memorandum, which also included hypothetical fact patterns and a series of prompts. The conference participants responded to our prompts with short thought papers, which formed the basis for our conversations, and can be found below. Some of those papers were published in the Journal of Benefit-Cost Analysis, whose editorial team was represented at the conference.

Conference Papers

Community Collaboration and Costs Across Departments: Evidence from a Vice Division and Proposal for Future Data Collection (.PDF) - By Gregory DeAngelo and Michael D. Makowsky

Estimating the Crime-Prevention Effects of License Plate Readers (.PDF) - By Jillian B. Carr

Estimation of Broad-Scale Tradeoffs in Community Policing Policies (.PDF) - By Richard T. Carson and Jordan J. Louviere

Should We Incorporate Incarceration and Corrections Costs into a Cost-Benefit Analysis of Policing? (.PDF) - By Tom S. Clark

The Social Cost of a Racially Targeted Police Encounter (.PDF) - By Mark A. Cohen

Should Arrest and Incarceration Costs be Included as Part of a CBA? (.PDF) - By Monica Deza

Closing the Gap: The Need for Inclusive Benefit-Cost Analysis in Policing (.PDF) - By Ryan Fackler, Christian Henrichson, Elizabeth Jànszky, and S. Rebecca Neusteter

Dignitarian Costs and Benefits of the New Policing (.PDF) - By Jeffrey Fagan

Benefit-Cost Analysis in Policing Research: Assessing Crime-Control Benefits of Proactive Enforcement Practices (.PDF) - Amanda Geller

Monetizing the Cost of a Consent Search: Some Preliminary Thoughts (.PDF) - By Jack Glaser

Evaluating Proactive Police Units: A Case Study of Retrospective Benefit-Cost Analysis with Nonexperimental Data (.PDF) - By Rebecca Goldstein

Addressing Methodological Challenges in Evaluating Costs and Benefits of Policing Practices (.PDF) - By Lieutenant Stuart Greer

Quantifying Benefits of Recovering a Stolen Vehicle and Apprehending the Perpetrator (.PDF) - By Angela Hawken

Should Arrest and Incarceration Costs be Included as Part of the Cost-Benefit Analysis? (.PDF) - By Michael Mueller-Smith

Evaluating the Impact of a Proactive Policing Policy on Crime in the Absence of a Randomized Controlled Trial (.PDF) - By Emily Owens

Assessing the benefits and costs of policing programs: Some framing questions and quandaries (.PDF) - By Lisa A. Robinson

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