Report to the Tampa Citizens Review Board

Summarizing Public Feedback on Tampa Police Department Policies and Practices


The Policing Project partnered with Tampa’s newly formed Citizens Review Board to solicit public input in developing its strategy for engagement between the Tampa Police Department and the public. In addition to helping the new organization define its mission and establish a sub-committee to oversee the outreach effort, the Policing Project developed a community-wide survey that launched in September 2017 to gauge public opinion of TPD and gather perspectives on policy areas the CRB should review. The results of that survey are found in this report.


1). A detailed account of public outreach efforts and respondent demographics.

2). Overview and analysis of public perceptions of TPD based on survey responses, including demographic breakdown of feedback.

3). Identified policing practices of most interest to the Tampa community, including the top five TPD practices respondents felt were the most important for the CRB to examine.

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Tampa Citizens Review Board

Tampa Citizens Review Board

Tampa Police Department

Tampa Police Department


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