Report to the NYPD Summarizing Public Feedback on its Proposed Body-Worn Camera Policy


Before launching a 1,000-camera pilot body-worn camera program, the New York Police Department (NYPD) enlisted the Policing Project to ensure that its program responded to the interests and concerns of the communities it serves and to assist the department in soliciting public input regarding its proposed BWC policy. This report summarizes the public feedback received.

Key Takeaways

1). Respondents overwhelmingly were in favor of body-worn cameras, and expressed the hope that use of the cameras would improve police-community relations, enhance officer and public safety, and improve the conduct of both officers and members of the public during police-citizen encounters.

2). More than two thirds of respondents said that officers should not be permitted to review their own body-camera footage until they have filled out a report describing the incidents—particularly when an officer is involved in a use of force.

3). Respondents urged the NYPD to establish a clear and streamlined process by which the subject of a body-worn camera recording could ask to see the footage.